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Dash Cam  Itronics

iTronics ITB100 HD

iTronics ITB 100 Dash Cam.

ITB100 Cam Unit.

Fits Behind the Mirror.

Techical Features of the ITB 100 HD GPS

Camera Lens Type

1 / 2.7" Large CMOS Sensor

Pixels / View Angle

2 Mega Pixels / 144 Degrees Diagonal

Compression Method

H.264 File Compression

Variable Resolution Available

HD 1920 x 1080, HD 1280 x 720, D1 720 x 480

Variable Frame

15, 24, 30 Frams/s

3 Axis Acceleration Sensor

Built In Hardware

Automatic Running Mode



Built In Hardware

Video Out

Supported (NTSC)

Voice Recording

MIC Built In

Rated Power

DC 12 - 24v


Built In


96.2mm(l) x 40.44mm(h) / 80g

Temperature Range

-20 Degrees C to 70 Degrees C

iTronics ITB100 Overview.

The iTronics ITB100 dash cam records full HD quality movies at the screen ratio of 16:9 with a resolution of 1921 x 1080p at more than adequate 24 frames per second ensuring that every detail is stored for future reference.

A 2 mega pixel camera records video at 144 degrees diagonally and compresses the data using the H264 format - this creates smaller files and better utilizes the memory available in the camera.

The ITB 100 comes ready fitted with a GPS antenna and stores the position and speed of the vehicle in real-time.  This enables the owner to plot the position of an incident against a map using the supplied PC software.  This additional information provides evidence of time, location and speed and is valid in a court of law.

Rather than recording continuously out of the windscreen when the car is parked, the camera has a built in parking mode.  Only when there is an incident such as motion in front of the lens, or a shock to the vehicle such as another car bumping into it, does the cam start to record.  This video is stored safely and not overwritten.  The parking mode feature can save a lot of memory space which would normally be used up recording an uneventful car park.

There is no danger of losing video footage in the event that the camera loses its power.  Internal capacitors will kick in should power be lost, and any video being recorded at that time will be stored safely.  This is essential in an accident situation due to the fact that power is often lost when a serious collision occurs.

On long journeys where the memory card is not large enough to store video of the entire trip, older video sections are replaced as needed by incoming new footage.  This enables the dash cam to run indefinately without having to replace the memory card or reformat the existing full one.

The ITB 100 has the facility to be connected to a monitor or screen via its Video Out port. This provides real-time streaming to other devices if required.

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