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Dash Cam  BlackVue

BlackVue DR400G HD 2

BlackVue DR400G HD 2

Sleek and sturdy design - the BlackVue DR400G HD 2 Dash Cam.

BlackVue Playing Software

View of the BlackVue Software showing GPS / G-Sensor and Video Data simultaneously.

Order the BlackVue DR400G HD 2 Dash Cam

When you order the BlackVue DR400G HD 2 camera, you will recieve the following items which makes up the full kit - for easy installation and a ready to drive package.

Camera Unit
Window Mounting Holder/Bracket
16GB Memory Card
Lighter Socket Connector and Cable
Cable Holders
Software for PC installation
Instruction Booklet
12 Month Warranty

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DR400G HD 2 Dash Cam Feature List.

High-definition Super Sharp Video Recordings

The BlackVue DR400G HD 2 dash cam comes fitted with a dedicated viewing lens which enhances the production of a fine and natural video movie in full resolution HD (1920x1080@30fps).

Uses Smart Phones or PC Software to Play Movies

Included with the camera kit is the BlackVue proprietry  software and an Android smartphone viewing program. Additionally there are various different methods to check the video or optimize the camera configuration parameters according to your individual usage requirements..

Standard Recording

Normal recording whereby the user of the camera presses a start recording button when needed, and stops the recording once the incident or entire journey is completed.

Stationary Recording

The camera will (if configured to do so) automatically switch into what is known as "parking mode" if no motion is detected. This will save memory by only storing video of either motion created by movement in the lens when somebody is passing by, or an impact to the vehicle.

Sudden Braking / Impact (G-Sensor) Storage

Should there be either sudden braking / acceleration or in the worse case an impact, the camera will save the video it was currently making as an event file.  This will ensure that important sections of video are not overwritten by the loop recording feature.

Audio Recording

The in-built microphone will record sound if required.  However the BlackVue HD 2 has the option of removing sound recording if needed - where privacy may be of concern to the passengers of a public vehicle such as a taxi cab.

Video analysis on various types of equipment

The BlackVue HD 2 can record videos in the common MP4 format which is widely used across various computing platforms and play it back using standard software found under all versions of Microsoft Windows.

GPS Data Storage

GPS information is captured in realtime and stored alongside the videos being recorded.  During playback - the video is displayed and the GPS data is used to correlate position and speed information with data from Google Maps.

Continuous Video Looping Mode

A frequently asked question on dash cam deals - "what is loop recording?"  This mode of operation creates files on the fly, storing each one to the SD card.  Each one is (configurable size) for example 5 minutes long.  Once the memory card is full, the oldest 5 minute long file is deleted and its memory us reused for the current video and the cycle continues.

Actual Camera

CMOS sensor / 2,073,600 pixels

Resolution of Video

FULL HD at 1920 x 1080p

Frame Rate of Recording

30 Frames Per Second

Video File Type (Compression)




Recording Viewing Angle

Diagonal across screen: 120 : Horizontal: 98 : Vertical: 55

Memory Accepted

Micro SD card (Maximum 32GB)


Built In

Recording Functions which are configurable by the owner.

Normal Recording when Driving - with Loop Recording.
Event (G-Sensor) Recording.
Car Parking Recording (Motion Detection Software Built In).

Video Output

Composite video out.

Dimensions of Unit

Diameter - 32.0 mm (1.26 inch)
Length - 102.8 mm (4.04 inch)
Weight - 86 g

Input Power Supply

12V / 24V DC

Power Consumption

Max. 4 Watts

Operating Temp.

-20C ~ 60C

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